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Who is KES?

Kitchen Energy Solutions is a division of Air Solutions & Balancing, LLC with over 15 years of experience with turnkey demand control kitchen ventilation (DCKV) systems. With certified energy managers (CEM), energy auditors (CEA) and certified technicians, we are able to maximize energy efficiency in your commercial kitchen!  To learn more contact us at info@kitchenenergysolutions


Kitchen Energy Solutions



Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation

In commercial kitchens, exhaust and supply fans are running continuously throughout the day – even when little to no cooking is taking place! Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) systems will automatically control the speed of these units by measuring the level of cooking activity.

The ecoAZUR system is the pinnacle of this technology, offering the highest energy savings available and unmatched performance. See below to learn more about the benefits of the ecoAZUR system and see how much you can save!

 ecoAZUR sensor




ecoAZUR brings energy savings to commercial kitchen’s electric, heating and cooling usage in the most efficient way possible. The system uses real-time detection of particulate and temperature changes to adjust kitchen fan speeds when and where needed. ecoAZUR uses optic sensors, temperature sensors and optional modulating dampers to ensure the highest amount of savings for any commercial kitchen hood. This results in a clean, comfortable kitchen and energy savings that impact your bottom line. For additional details, view our informational flyer.  




Solutions & Savings:

  • Multiple sensor configurations
  • Retrofit and new construction
  • Turnkey installations
  • Any hood size and style
  • Only product on market able to modulate from 0-100%
  • Always active and monitoring sensors
  • Multiple cooking modes maximize savings
  • Highest energy savings available

Performance & Service

  • Waterproof / greaseproof sensors
  • Constant auto-calibration
  • Individual sensor settings
  • Compatible with any Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Complimentary site audit
  • Free energy analyses
  • Remote monitoring & Cloud services available