NEEB commissioning

NEBB Certified Building Systems Commissioning

NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Bureau) exists to help architects, engineers, building owners, and contractors produce great buildings with energy-efficient systems, including HVAC systems that perform in accordance with how they were visualized and designed. This is achieved through NEBB’s stringent commissioning standards and specifications.

NEBB commissioningNEBB Commissioning provides a true value through actual third party technical testing, inspection and verification of all building energy systems. This differs significantly from "Process Commissioning,” which is more heavily weighted towards providing information and paper management (drawings and spec review, etc.) and is often performed by a commissioning agent that lacks in-the-field experience.

Commissioning typically happens in new construction projects but may also be utilized in existing buildings in the form of Retro Commissioning. What you need depends on the unique circumstances of your project and the owner’s project requirements. The different phases of commissioning are listed below and a NEBB Certified commissioning authority may be hired to work during any or all of these phases, depending on your needs. They include:

The Phases of NEBB Building Systems Commissioning:

(a) Design Phase Commissioning

1. Documentation of owners’ performance requirements

2. Evaluation and documentation of basis of design

3. Evaluation and documentation of the schematic design, design development and/or final contract documents.

4. Setting commissioning schedules

5. Shop drawing commissioning

(b) Construction Phase Commissioning 

1. Field inspection verifications

2. Operational performance tests


(c) Acceptance Phase Commissioning 

1. Functional performance tests

2. Operator and owner training

3. Commissioning report


(d) Warranty Phase Commissioning 

1. Deferred or off-season testing


(e) Post Acceptance Phase Commissioning 

1. Re-Commissioning tests


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NEBB Certified Retro Commissioning for existing buildings

Retro Commissioning is the process of evaluating a building that is intended to improve environmental conditions and optimize a building’s energy performance. NEBB has worked to develop a Retro Commissioning process that brings true value by focusing on identifying critical performance factors that bring immediate building performance improvements while delivering a comprehensive plan for the building infrastructure. This detailed evaluation coupled with the “hands-on” knowledge of our staff can result in significant energy savings – reported by NEBB to range from 5-30%, depending on your building.

How NEBB commissioning adds value:

  • Energy efficiency: Operating costs of a properly commissioned building are significantly lower than their non-commissioned counterparts.
  • Improved comfort
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Systems perform as intended
  • Early detection of potential problems
  • Complete and accurate building systems documentation (Systems Manual)
  • Better trained building operators and maintenance staff
  • Lower operations and maintenance (Operating and Manufacturing) costs
  • Enhanced indoor environmental quality (IEQ)
  • Reduced construction costs by minimizing change orders