Our Guarantee

Air Solutions & Balancing guarantees all work for a period of one year from the completion date, free of charge to the customer.  Should any item be found unsatisfactory to you, our valued customer, we are more than happy to rectify the problem area until you are fully satisfied.


NEBB’s Quality Assurance Program

NEBB is the single source for prompt, professional project support. NEBB`s credibility is built by maintaining integrity through high standards, quality programs and demonstrated capabilities of its certified firms. This is achieved through NEBB`s Quality Assurance Program (QAP). The program ensures swift, single-source mediation and resolution of disputes between NEBB Certified Professionals and their customers. NEBB’s QAP applies to all projects that have been specified for completion in accordance with NEBB’s applicable Procedural Standards and delivered by a NEBB Certified Firm.

NEBB will issue Conformance Certification Certificates when called for in specifications and applied for by a NEBB Certified Firm. A unique certificate is issued for each project covered by a Conformance Certification. A certificate is not a requirement to seek assistance under NEBB’s QAP.

Request for Assistance

A request for assistance may be initiated by a project’s owner or his/her representative either in writing or via a telephone call to NEBB or to a local NEBB chapter.